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Disaster Response - Homebound

57,000 people in Escambia County have one or more disabilities and need support during time of emergency.

Disaster Response - Homebound


57,000 homebound and disabled persons were underserved following Hurricane Ivan with hundreds calling the Escambia County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in search of food, water and medical care. To address the needs of these unique populations, BRACE has:

     - Assembled a committee with 44 current participants dedicated to aiding the homebound

     - Assembled 37 partner organizations that currently serve the disabled and homebound to coordinate this initiative

     - Established a portal into a HIPPA-compliant database that identifies the location and needs of individuals unable to care for themselves during an emergency

     - Developed and enacted plans to locate and register disabled and homebound individuals throughout Escambia County for this program

     - Secured commitments of food, water and other emergency-related resources for the disabled and homebound during times of disaster

     - Established the "Get-a-Kit/Give-a-Kit" Program that encourages community members to purchase extra disaster supplies to donate to the homebound as they purchase supplies for themselves.  

BRACE offers assurance to the homebound of our community by providing them with an emergency supply kit, and ensuring that they are not forgotten when a disaster strikes our area.


Homebound may include, but are not limited to, people who:

- Are limited by one or more disabilities

- Need transportation to evacuate

- Do not speak English as a first language

- Are dependent upon electricity

- Are oxygen-dependent

- Are insulin-dependent

- Need assistance with daily living skills

- Are dependent upon a feeding tube

- Are under regular care of nursing staff

- Are dependent upon a service animal


If you or someone you know is homebound, please print and complete the registration form at the link below or call BRACE at (850) 444-7135 to have a form mailed to you.

Homebound Registration Form
The Florida Division of Emergency Management has developed a series of videos that provide preparedness information for persons with disabilities.