BRACE Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker

Bryan Koon, Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management will be the Keynote Speaker at the BRACE Annual Meeting.  Director Koon will address the FEMA's proposed deductible rule, National Flood Insurance Program re-authorization and lessons learned from Hurricanes Hermine and Mathew.

The Annual Meeting is scheduled as follows:
  • Wednesday, June 28, 2017
  • 11:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.
  • Corrine Jones -Sanders Beach Community Center
    • 913 S. "I" Street, Pensacola, Florida
    • Registration and Lunch - $15
    • Sponsorship Welcome

For more information you may call Janet Wilde at (850) 912 - 8234 or email her.

FEMA Recognizes BRACE Partners

The Second Annual John D. Solomon Preparedness Award was  presented to the Be Ready Alliance Coordinating for Emergencies (BRACE)  for collaborative work as a team of nearly 500 disaster preparedness and response organizations, engaging in efforts that reach the business community, children and youth, under-served populations, faith-based organizations, first responders, and individuals with access and functional needs, and more. The John D. Solomon Preparedness Award is named for the late creator of the ground breaking blog, In Case of Emergency, Read Blog: A Citizen’s Eye View Of Public Preparedness.  

Greg Strader, Executive Director for BRACE was honored to accept the award on behalf of the Organization's partners at a White House ceremony on September 24th.  Award winners shared information about  their innovative and successful approaches to community preparedness with national emergency management leadership. BRACE and its partners have been recognized through the FEMA Individual and Community Preparedness awards program more frequently than any other community based disaster coalition in America:

• 2016 – FEMA Honorable Mention “Preparing the Whole Community for Emergencies”
• 2016 – FEMA Honorable Mention “Awareness to Action”
• 2015 – FEMA Honorable Mention “Preparing the Whole Community for Emergencies”
• 2015 – FEMA Honorable Mention “Awareness to Action”
• 2014 – FEMA Honorable Mention “Preparing the Whole Community”
• 2014 – FEMA Honorable Mention “Outstanding Achievement in Youth Preparedness”
• 2012 – FEMA Individual & Community Preparedness “John D. Solomon Preparedness Award” 
• 2012 – FEMA Honorable Mention “Awareness to Action”
• 2012 – FEMA Honorable Mention “Preparing the Whole Community”
• 2012 – The White House named the BRACE Executive Director a “Champion of Change”
• 2011 – FEMA Individual & Community Preparedness Highest Award in the category of “Promising Partnerships”

o The Award recognized BRACE for its role in mobilizing over 1,900 volunteers, that donated over 10,000 hours of volunteer service and performed a pre-impact 

clean-up of 32 linear miles of beaches to mitigate the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
• 2010 – FEMA Honorable Mention “Outstanding Citizen Corps” 
• 2009 – FEMA Honorable Mention “Preparing the Public” for Emergencies    

BRACE Coordinating Tornado Recovery

BRACE is coordinating recovery assistance to survivors of the February 15 & 23, 2017 EF3 tornadoes with the support of local partners and volunteer recovery teams from World Renew.  

BRACEand the Escambia Long Term Recovery Group partners have provided or facilitatedthe following to assist survivors through February, 2017:

  •  $7,948.50 - Electrical reconnection of temporary or permanent housing for 17 survivor families referred to BRACE by the Town of Century
  • $1,973.80 - Engineering assessments for six homes referred to BRACE by the Town of Century making them eligible for government funding
  • $4,824.11 - Financial assistance of 6 survivor families with back taxes or liens making each family eligible for up to $100,000 in government funding
  • $26,404.30 - Financial assistance committed to date for 5 survivor families to purchase building materials with private sector funding
  • 8 - Homes in Escambia County, Florida have been repaired with volunteer labor provided by World Renew reconstruction teams
    • 1 home in Ferry Pass has been repaired with the support of World Renew reconstruction volunteers and included in the total above
  • 6 - Homes are currently under repair or approved for World Renew reconstruction volunteer teams, that are funded by non-profit and faith-based organizations
  • 14 - Survivor families have been approved for reconstruction by the Habitat for Humanity organization, that will be built with volunteer labor provided by World Renew volunteer reconstruction teams and Habitat volunteers
    • 12 of the survivor families have signed off on their house plans
  • 12,715.75 - Hours of volunteer service has been invested in supporting response and recovery efforts tracked by BRACE and Escambia Long Term Recovery Group partners
  • $299,583.07 is the value of volunteer labor supporting survivors of the February 2016 tornadoes  
The PowerPoint presentation that was used to inform BRACE partners about the two tornadoes is available through the link below.

Restoried Hope and Homes

BRACE led the efforts of the Escambia Long Term Recovery Group as partners restored hope and homes for low income survivors of the Spring 2014 Flood.  592 families had their homes mucked out thanks to the efforts of volunteers that provided over 39,000 hours of volunteer service.  113 low income families were returned to safe and sanitary homes.

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Greg Strader receives 'Champions of Change' Award


Greg Strader, BRACE’s Founding Executive Director, was among the 17 people honored at the White House as Champions of Change for the disaster preparedness and response efforts by the Organization's Partners.  BRACE was recognized for its role following Hurricanes Ivan and Dennis and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.  

BRACE and its over 500 Partners are striving to make our community the most disaster resilient in America.  The award recognized the innovative initiatives of BRACE and its ability to quickly mobilize volunteers to respond to an emergency.  BRACE was charged with mobilizing volunteers to assist with protecting area beaches during response efforts for the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.  Within 28 hour of the activation of the local emergency operations center, BRACE and its Partners had registered, oriented and deployed over 950 volunteers, to conduct a clean-up of 32 linear miles of shoreline.  Unnaturally debris was removed from the beaches to ensure it did not become mixed with oil, that would have resulted in the loss of the sand from among America's whitest beaches.  

Greg was also recognized for the Champions of Change award by Representative Jeff Miller in a special address to Congress.